​Restorative Yoga .is a peaceful, relaxing style of yoga involving passive poses and the use of props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets. Props are used to fill in the spaces between the body and the floor, to prevent any straining or stretching of the muscles, allowing for true muscular rest. 

Living with constant stress keeps the body

in a chronic state of "fight or flight" (the Sympathetic Nervous System).  By slowing and deepening the breath, relaxing the muscles and quieting the mind, we can reverse this state, activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System and achieving a state of "Conscious Relaxation" in which both physical and emotional healing can occur.

Restorative Yoga is helpful for anyone dealing with stress, chronic illness, injuries, anxiety, or just looking to relax.

Restorative Yoga:

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Page: https://www.feelbetterwithyoga.com/restorative.html Restorative Yoga for Stress, Chronic Illness and Healing

"She wasn't where she had been, and she wasn't yet where she was going, but she was on her way..."​  ​-Anonymous

Jillian Pransky, E-RYT 500, international presenter, director of Restorative Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training for YogaWorks.

*Jillian Pransky is not affiliated with Feel Better With Yoga