Yoga Etiquette and Things to Know:

  • In an effort to maintain a peaceful environment for all practitioners, please arrive on time and ready to practice at start of class time. In the event that you are late (which of course happens to all of us!), please enter the room quietly, put your shoes/bags/phones in the cubbies (not beside you on the floor) and go to your mat. 
  • Please silence phones and lower voices before entering The Restorative Center. Massage therapy and intensive psychotherapy is ongoing, and voices and conversations carry, This can be very disruptive to others' sessions, as well as your own.
  • ​Clothing should be comfortable. Barefeet are typical, but socks are always welcome.
  • Mats, blocks, straps, eye masks and hand towels are provided for you; however, if you have your own mat that you love using, feel free to bring it.  
  • As you enter the yoga room and come to your mat, take a breath, and allow yourself to mentally come into your practice, leaving behind everything from the day, or at least attempting to. This time is for you to recenter yourself. Your practice starts as you enter the room.


​​​Classes are by appointment only

Call, Text, or Email to schedule now! 

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"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have." 

​                                               ​-Eckhart Tolle


Due to Covid-19, the studio is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for our reopening and modified schedule!​​​​​​​​​​​​



New Student Deal- Buy Your First Class or Any Package, Get a Class Free!

Single Class: $25

​5 Class Package: $115

​10 Class Package: $200​​

​Private Sessions:

      One person:  $75/hour

      Two people: $100/hour


  • ​​Packages must be used within one year of purchase.
  • ​ No refunds after the first class. 
  •  See cancellation/no-show fees below
  • No other fees or memberships!

​*Classes cancelled less than two hours before class begins and no-shows will be charged the full class rate.